3D CAD representation

    Visualisation in 3D and original content facilitates the decision regarding fair booth, exhibition or stage for the customer.


    Ad-hoc management

    Unexpected things which can endanger a project often happen. Experience is required to provide a fast reaction, even at the last minute.


    Advertising articles

    Another ballpoint pen! No, we think in terms of the conception! Design, production, purchasing, based on 20 years of experience.


    Advertising tools

    Whether file or block, designed 3D object or folder, backlit wall or banner, the effect is important.


    Artist bookings

    The idea for the occasion must be right. Cabaret or brass band, magician or harp, in the background or dominant. We find the right thing!



    When was slavery abolished in Germany? That is how one feels sometimes. But care and accurate work are important here. Everything has to be perfect.



    What the customer always strives for, the certainty that his project functions, that the result is right with a partner who guarantees this.


    Audio visual communication

    We are experts in this large field and make exact use of the best possible solution. Whether simple projection or panorama, touch screen or conference technology.


    Audio visual media

    The interaction is important. Always suitable for the given situation.



    How do I recognise someone? Can I read the name, do I need a title? Is the programme there, too? We have good solutions.



    The eye catcher from a distance. In all materials and forms.



    Always as support for the customer's concept. Not persuading, but always helping the whole thing to succeed.


    Conference technology

    The perfect speaking sound. We often ask where it is. No humming or whistling. You simply have to know how it is done!



    Always have their own character. The target group is decisive. Smooth running is important.



    calmly tackling the mass of tasks. Accurately.


    Core competencies

    Expertise, built up over 20 years, focused on competences which we regard as our strengths.



    the original 'mother', without which nothing is possible.
    There is no alternative to good ideas



    Often a difficult relationship! But we have learnt one thing: "always think in the customer's head"!!


    Data platform

    Data, photos, films, transparencies, etc., prepared technically for lectures, trailers, projection, and documentation. Modular as the basis for everything else.



    Light, lasers, plants, material, LED lighting, everything required for the framework of an event. Not dominant, but effective.



    whether promotional items or fair booth, fair furniture or fruit bowl,
    good design makes the difference



    The most important function for success. Keeping an eye on everything at all times, internalising the project, always alert and stress-resistant.


    Equipment service

    A sensitive point. Expertly stored and maintained. Readiness for use must be guaranteed.


    Event marketing

    The whole range of "events"- congresses, meetings, kick-offs, seminars, etc.



    Always just staring at showcases, or rather creating theme spaces! Unusual installations, dioramas, accessible scenes or a combination. Thrill, motivate, and provide impulses.



    From project to project, from customer to customer, we add to our knowledge- and have done so for 20 years. This amounts to quite a lot.


    Fair booth construction

    From the simple row stand up to the complicated two-floor solution. We are masters of the situation, even with unusual materials.


    Framework programme

    see Incentive, also finding the right thing for the accompanying person.


    Graphic design

    Creativity, clear arrangement, and the clear recognition of what I want to say, without artistic dressing. Useable graphics for the task in hand.


    Hotel research

    Hard work, market knowledge. "5 stars are not always the best!"



    They are always there at the beginning, not "high-flying", but rather feasible and affordable. We want to surprise, but not overdo it.



    Forgetting the stress of a conference, switching off and relaxing, with surprise moments and the right ambience.



    clean specialist work is the key to success.
    No amateurish attempts or improvisations are acceptable.


    Integrated service

    We avoid interfaces, "1 contact person- 1 job". The interaction or core competences is the solution.


    Interactive solutions

    It is the customer"s turn: simple operation, rapid finding out, interesting form, protocol function for the reworking process.



    Avoiding them is the most important thing. "Too many cooks spoil.." a project mostly, if they do not fit together.


    Interpersonal communication

    "Face to face", looking the partner in the eye, talking, speaking, discussing, exchanging views. For this we create the basis, plan, organise and realise.


    Lecture preparation

    A sore subject! The weaknesses which cannot be seen on the monitor only show up during projection. Cautious optimization is required.


    Light technology

    "There will be light and there was light". The art of coordination! Feeling good, recognising, setting accents, creating moods.


    Literature service

    Storage, care, re-ordering. Careful handling is important. The next job will come without doubt.


    Location research

    The solid basis for success. The environment must be right. Appropriateness, depending on the occasion, adjusted to the customer's requirements.



    The interaction must work. There can be no gaps in the chain. Targeted and exact.



    A motivated team can achieve quite a lot. In the end we are interested in your product and nothing else counts!


    Overall concept

    not only are individual skills important,üEURübut also the overview of the whole


    Panorama projection

    "As far as the eye can see" up to 360°, on different surfaces, without limits. We create spaces for all the senses.


    Participant management

    A sensitive part oft he whole thing! The preparation alone is important. The greeting in a pleasant atmosphere puts the guest at ease. The hard-working helpers are ever-present.



    This shows the glossary and an intensive discussion with us.



    We open the communication with them. Rapid and precise. Who? What? When? Where?


    Product presentation

    Fairs and exhibitions, from small to very large. Simple structures or two stories, theme exhibition, anniversaries, products, and much more.



    stringent planning, monitoring each step, the deadline is approaching and everything has to be finished on time


    Production design

    throwing something together' is not enough,
    it has to fulfil aesthetic standards and yet be functional



    no routine work, but rather creative processing of often demanding material


    Project management

    The accurate production and realization of all measures which are important for success. Experience, professionalism, excellent planning.



    The message must arrive. Enough focus, enough lumen (ANSI) and more, gain an clear impression for yourself.



    Demonstrable customer solutions speak for us! Also and above all the duration! People who have worked for international companies for more than 10 years appear to be doing a lot right.



    The motto is fast and uncomplicated. The name must be right, the documentation must be prepared. Then it can start.


    Room booking

    To be handled very sensitively. Everyone is an individualist. This must be taken into account. Here too: the guest must feel at home.


    Sales and distribution support measures

    Supporting the customer support team, organising information days independently, merchandising, tours. The main thing is fast and effectively.



    Preparation, theme processing, structured processes on a small scale, the participants should feel at home, thanks to an all-round service.


    Shelf care

    Good tour planning, careful work, friendly people. The product is in the foreground.



    A clear directional function, in size, colour, a pictogramme for fast orientation, here too good planning is important.


    Technical equipment

    Projection, light, room decoration, excerpts, the whole range of coordinated modules. Matching items also function.


    Technical Realisation

    skillfully linking lots of components, plannning  and realising what is feasible is an art in itself


    Technical support

    the responsible person has the overview, notices everything and
    reacts immediately. Above all, he 'takes care of business'üEURü



    Solid, tried-and-trusted, not always the latest, which can easily go wrong. Coordinated and operated by professionals.


    Televoting System

    The interactive questionnaire system for customer polls and product satisfaction. Individual question and evaluation possibilities.


    Trailer production

    How do I create the right mood for my guests? From existing materials (photos, transparencies) we also conjure up an inexpensive opening or documentation.


    Travel arrangements

    Important for the participant. He wants to feel looked-after, even in difficult cases.



    Where does one put the boards, equipment, literature and exhibits? We have the solution. Storage, care, maintenance.



    Photos, films, animation, music, all in one medium in sharp picture quality and free surface distribution as the production highlight for your message.



    Structure und working materials must match. The documentation of the development is important, whether as a newspaper or DVD, film or extract.